Hi everyone!  Welcome to the Rules page!

These are the rules for conduct on this blog, so please follow them so that this blog will be a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone! 

Action will be taken against you if you break the rules.

1.  Ask your parents/guardian permission before going online if you are younger.

2. Never give out personal information, like your full name and address.  First names are okay if you are comfortable with that, but never your full name.  You can give me your username or the name of your blog if you want me to check out your blog(I'd love to!) but never any info that could be used to identify you offline.  Oh, and no pictures, comments or links to anything that someone under the age of 18 shouldn't see.  This is an all-ages blog so please respect that!

3. No flaming.

4. No attacking people for nationality, sex and/or gender identity, religion, age, diagnosis, any reason really.  This is a safe, non-judgemental zone for everyone.

5. This blog is a politics-free zone.  Many people in my country are unhappy with politics at the moment, but this is not the place to vent frustrations.  It's really not a good idea to vent online anyway because that can get out of control fast, so no politics talk here please.

6. Be nice and have fun! :D

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