Introduction to Blog

    Hi!  I’m Chloe.  I’m a girl living out west who loves God, anime, fantasy, books, writing, and daydreaming.  I play Nancy Drew computer games and I adore photography.  I am very close to my family and I love them so much.  I am currently in college, studying to be an elementary teacher.  But there’s something about me that you can’t tell just by looking at me.  I have Autism.  

    Having Autism means that my brain processes information differently from other people’s brains.  This doesn’t mean that my brain doesn’t work.  It still gets the job done.  There is nothing wrong with being Autistic and I know it.  I hope that you know this too.  Different does not equal bad.  Variety is the spice of life as they say!

    If you’re reading this blog, maybe you’re Autistic like me.  Or maybe you know someone who is or you work with Autistic people.  Or you may have stumbled upon this blog by pure chance.  Either way, I hope you stay and read for awhile.  In this blog, I will share my experiences as a girl on the Autistic spectrum.  I will also share some information about Autism in general that I have learned while trying to understand my diagnosis.  I'll sometimes do "App reviews" where I talk about an app that has helped me with an issue I face because of my Autism.  There may be other types of posts as well.  Autism affects everyone differently, so my perspective is limited.  However, I’m willing to share it in the hope that it will help others understand it a little better.  I hope you enjoy reading this blog and that this answers some of your questions.  Have a nice day! :)